Mahalo Hawaii, we don’t want to say goodbye…

 Arash and I are heading home from a whirlwind trip to Maui. We arrived on Wednesday, and sad to say we have to leave today. It’s been a great trip. We’ve been living in swimsuits, soaking up as much beach and sun time as we possibly could. On Saturday, we shot a wedding in the middle of a gorgeous valley surrounded by the tallest green mountains and rushing rivers. The backdrop was a scene out of Jurassic Park, minus the dinosaurs. We can’t wait to share some sneak peeks from the wedding. Yesterday, Arash treated me to some much needed spa time, in honor of my birthday, which is tomorrow! Beachside massage, and a full day of pampering in gorgeous maui? Best present ever. Although we’re sad to say goodbye to the maui coast, we’re both looking forward to all the amazing weddings we’ll be shooting in the next couple months. We feel so blessed to get to travel and shoot, we were created for it!


Europe 05 // Interlaken, Switzerland

I’m sad to say this is the last city I’ll be featuring from our big trip in April but…I’m happy its Switzerland because I absolutely LOVED this country. The views in Interlaken were unreal, from the snowy alps to the wide open green valleys, cows everywhere and an endless amount of cheese and chocolate — it was completely out of a movie. We took an overnight bus ride from Prague to Zurich, yes, an 11 hour bus ride! Once we arrived to Zurich, we hopped on a train to Bern, switched lines and made our way to the little town of Interlaken. The train system in Switzerland is pretty much the best thing ever and since we had purchased our Swiss Rail pass ahead of time, we were able to hop on to any train at any time throughout our entire trip. We did so much exploring. We took our little map, hopped on the trains and headed towards the alps on a daily basis. Each day was a new location, a new town…from the snow capped mountains in Murren to the blue rivers and green rolling hills in Grindelwald — we lived our dreams of exploring and photographing a little slice of Switzerland.
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Europe 04 // Prague, Czech Republic

The 2nd leg of our trip began with a train ride from Berlin to Prague, showcasing some of the most gorgeous landscapes we have ever seen! It was such a nice break, a restful, private oasis where we just vegged out, ate some ridiculously good food, stayed in and watched movies and did some exploring, walking through all the cobblestone streets and alleyways. Honestly, Prague feels like a medieval world where you just expect to see a knight on his horse at any given moment. We kept saying, “this place is fake”…it felt like a movie set. It was so beautiful and the architecture was unlike anywhere else we visited on this trip. We stayed at The Golden Well Hotel, located at the foot of Prague’s largest castle, a renovated space that used to be the house where the king would house his many wives. We were treated like kings from gourmet breakfasts to our very own driver. The top floor of our hotel opened up to a private garden that we shared with the castle above…
I can’t say enough about this place. It was magical.
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Europe // Berlin, Germany

We flew directly from Amsterdam to Berlin, hopped on a train and arrived at our lovely hotel where we set up camp for about a week. We stayed in a pretty sweet apartment hotel in the center of Mitte, a pretty cool district on the East side of Berlin. Arash and I are both students of art, design, photography and film with an insane appreciation for great modern design, graphic, and historic art too…and Berlin had it all. It was ultra modern yet had a great contrast between old and new, with the rich historic elements and the new art sprinkled throughout it. Berlin was probably one of our favorite locations and we both agreed that if we spoke German (or if we ever learn) we’re moving to Berlin. 

A museum dedicated to old type? Are you kidding? I was in heaven. The Typography Museum, Buchstabenmuseum, was a little hole in the wall gem, a must see for any graphic designer. I wanted, so badly, to take it all home with me and decorate my walls but I did get to take a cute little “d” that’s now hanging up in our studio. There were bookstores like this one that sucked us in for hours. We found this amidst a walk around our neighborhood, Buchhandlung Walther Konig, a dream bookstore. Every book was a work of art. Photography, fashion, illustration, graphic design, typography, film, art mags, interior design, you  name it…oh man I miss it. I did order some killer photography books and magazines from the shop after we got home — I’m such a sucker for print, can’t get enough! This was our morning coffee/brunch stop. Kaffeemitte was just around the corner from our hotel and had the most amazing coffee and sandwiches. Not to mention, the design was super modern, of course, and that branding? Loved it. One thing we loved about where we stayed was the local scene and vibe was just super young and felt so up-and-coming. A couple days out of the week, we shopped and ate the most amazing chocolate crepes and hearty sausages at the local farmers market in Mitte. We found one guy who was selling old art prints and maps from the 1900’s, definitely a cool find.We couldn’t go to Berlin without visiting historic landmarks. Arash and I both have this weird fascination with World War 2 so needless to say, at one point, we were like two school kids on a field trip. ha! Visiting the Holocaust Musuem was probably the most moving for us both. Underneath these giant cement blocks, underground, was a museum that told a very sad yet touching story of the Holocaust. These blocks were designed to represent graves, covering a whole city block in the center of Berlin. It was beautifully designed yet a bit haunting to walk through the rows upon rows.

I could probably could dedicate a post to the graffiti in Berlin, alone…there was so much of it. From the 1970s to 1989 the west side of the Berlin wall was home to graffiti paintings and wall newspapers. Since the fall of the wall, Berlin is home to a huge community of graffiti artists from all over the world. The buildings and old walls are covered in some of the coolest graffiti art I’ve seen. There was one particular alley way that was an off shoot from the main strip of shops and restaurants and as walked further and further into it, we were pleasantly surprised by the collection of graffiti that completely covered the entire space. All over Berlin, set in random little spots in different city districts, lived these newly renovated yet really old photo booths, called Photoautomats. We just couldn’t resist jumping in as many as we could find! Can’t wait to go back to Berlin some day. We most definitely left a piece of our heart in Mitte.

Europe // Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We checked into our cute little bed and breakfast overlooking the canals, decked out in modern design and lush bedding — we were excited to call this home for a few days. Arash and I both had Amsterdam on our “list of places to see” and we definitely took advantage of it! We’re definitely not the type of travelers that have to see and do everything, we aren’t the greatest “tourists” but we do appreciate a few galleries and museums from time to time. We especially love to just walk around, photograph and discover things as we go. Our little Trip Advisor app came in handy here as we made our way through all the little streets. I highly recommend it!

One of the greatest highlights in Amsterdam was getting to meet Alice. Thanks to Facebook, Alice reached out to me when I posted that we were headed to her city — she had been following my blog and thought she’d reach out. Having never met before, our mutual love for photography brought us together. It was a divine appointment to say the least. My greatest hope in all I do is to inspire others to tap into their creative passion and come alive because so much of who I am and where I’ve come from is a direct result of taking risk and having faith. It was surreal, to sit across from her at dinner, answer questions she had for me, motivate and encourage her to keep at what she’s doing…(she’s SO talented!)…it left me so humbled. Sometimes God brings people into your life to remind you of how great He is, and to reassure you that the path you’re on is the right one!! Alice did that for me. I was so touched and thankful to have a friend in Holland. She shot the cute photo below, too! 

Amsterdam really is the land of bicycles. Everywhere you turn there are bikes along the canal, in the streets, on every little corner — its THE mode of transportation. Arash I dreamt about living there and riding our bikes along the canal to go get groceries. Chill lifestyle…we like!

Going to the Van Gough museum and seeing his work up close was unreal. Something that really resonated with me was how he saw beyond just telling a story. He captured texture, line and color so beautifully. He believed that true art is all of those elements combined. I believe that about photography as well…its more than just telling a story, its about the textures, colors, lines, compositions…all those factors together make the story that much more impactful.

One cafe we stopped in was Buffet Van Odette, along the canal. The perfect little hole in the wall with some of the tastiest food we’ve ever had. Arash had the salmon sandwich and I had the pumpkin soup and a quiche — SO yummy. 

One thing you need to know about Arash is that he has a deep love for chocolate so it was an obvious choice for us to stop in and get some chocolates at Pompadour. Its a little hidden gem and the best chocolaterie in Amsterdam.

De Kaaskamer is one of the best specialty cheese shops in Amsterdam. I wanted to take it all home!

Walking around the 9 Little Streets, you’ll find an overwhelming amount of adorable little shops which we both love to browse through! Arash and I both appreciate a good wardrobe find, especially if its super unique. One of our favorites in Amsterdam was LockStock & Barrel — how cute is that name? Its an independently owned shop, the owner is the girl in the above photograph. She hand picks everything for her shop, super unique, urban and modern. Another favorite along the 9 Little Streets was We Are Labels, a small little boutique overlooking the water, filled with great finds! How cute is that cabinet with the heels displayed? One thing I can’t get enough of is accessories and random little trinkets to decorate our house with. Walking down the canal streets, there was an unlimited number of gems to find along the way!
Visiting the Ann Frank House was something I had wanted to do for years. I remember reading about Ann Frank in school and relating to her because I journal like crazy. I had bookmarked it in my head to visit the museum someday and it was so moving. To walk through the house she lived in, the small spaces she spent her childhood hiding in — insane. Ann was such a cool little girl…watching her little videos and hearing her excerpts really gave you a glimpse into who she was. She had always dreamt of writing a book, a book that would reach the world and although she faced some gruesome realities, the journals she left behind are reaching thousands everyday. She inspires me.

Europe // Liverpool, England

It’s finally time to get our Europe travels documented! The trip was by far an amazing adventure, one that Arash and I will never forget. So over the course of the next month, I’ll be posting images from each location, one location every Wednesday — that’s the deal. So many of you have asked me about our trip and have been anxious to see the images, and I am so happy to finally get these posts up! It’s really challenging editing them down and I really just want to show you EVERYTHING but I’ll spare you. I’ll share highlights from each city and a few instagram frames in case you missed all our instagram posts. I hope you enjoy! 

We couldn’t go to Liverpool without catching some kind of show. Have you guys heard of Snarky Puppy? Check them out…such a cool vibe. I loved all the great people we met here, it was so inspiring to meet artists from across the pond. Did you read my interview with Daniel Ilabaca? We met him that night at the show too. 

Hands down some of the best Olives we’ve ever had from Lunya and thanks to Michael and Danielle we got to snack on these throughout the day. I still crave them and haven’t been able to find anything close. 

Nestled in the center of the Albert Docks, was this gem of a restaurant. Gusto was the perfect spot to unwind, eat some delicious italian style pizza, baked avocado with baby scallops and dough petals with garlic butter. I about fell in love with the lighting in this place as it highlighted all the classic photos of Sophia Lauren on the walls. On Easter Sunday we woke up bright and early at 5:30am to head over to Liverpool Cathedral where Danielle and Michael’s church, St James In The City, met for Easter Service.  As we climbed the stairwells and rode up the elevators, the sun began to rise. At the very top we gathered together had church as a community. I loved hearing them sing and speak in their Liverpool accents, I felt like I was in a movie. Take a look at that view below…so beautiful right? The church was so historic, huge, full of gorgeous detail. I felt so small but it was a moving morning to say the least. 

Arash and I are major fans of tea so when we discovered Leaf, we were right at home. Not only did they have a ton of different tea blends to choose from, but they had the most charming environment. Wood tables, brick walls, olive green tufted couches, lamp shades from the ceilings…totally our kind of place. I wish I could spend an afternoon here all the time!

When in England…you must try the fish and chips. Arash was looking forward to this the entire flight there and he was not disappointed!

Liverpool’s claim to fame — home of the Beatles. We were total tourists when we hopped on the Magical Mystery Tour and we loved every second of it. Growing up I would memorize my Beatles songs so it was pretty surreal to take the tour throughout Liverpool and learn more about why their songs say what they say and see all the little things that inspired the ever so popular songs. I completely recommend the tour…you get to see a whole other side to the city. 

Yummmm the breakfast and chai latte at Moose Coffee was to die for. Authentic American and Canadian breakfast — it was a stop we just had to make. Breakfast is probably my most favorite meal of the day.


We are officially back in California after what was hands down one of the most inspiring trips Arash and I have ever taken together. We both felt like we were living out a dream, visiting cities we had always wanted to see. I can’t wait to share our photos — but first I have to try and sort through them all. A task in and of itself. So many great things to share! A big thank you to Alice Mahran for snapping this cute photo of us in Amsterdam. We feel so blessed to have met some amazing people while on our trip and experienced some of the most beautiful landscapes, can’t wait to share soon!

hello from europe!

Just thought I’d pop in to say hello and let you all know we are doing wonderful so far! This trip has truly been a dream for Arash and I.We have been traveling for about 12 days now and loving it! We made our way through Liverpool, Amsterdam and Berlin so far and we have endless photos that I can’t wait to share soon. Today is our first day in Prague…and wow…so magical. We’ll be exploring the cobblestone streets for the next few days before heading to Switzerland. I’ll post more as I can, when I can…but you can definitely count on some europe posts very soon! If you want to follow our daily photo feed, check out my INSTAGRAM. Cheers!


Today marks the first day of our 3 week-European adventure! Just before things get crazy with wedding season, we thought we’d take some time out for us. Although most of today will be spent traveling, Arash and I are both so excited to take some time off and explore cities we have kept on our wish lists for years.

  1. LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND — our first stop where we’ll spend Easter weekend with my best friend, Danielle and her new fiancé, Michael!!! I’m super excited to celebrate with her and get to shoot a memorable Liverpool engagement session featuring the newly engaged duo.
  2. AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS — After we spend the weekend with Danielle and Michael, we’ll fly to the Netherlands and stay in Amsterdam. I’ve had my eye on Amsterdam since 2003 and have patiently been waiting to see the canals, bicycles and the Red Light District (its not something you see everyday!). Another bonus about Amsterdam? I get to meet up with some local photographers for some collaboration! This is why social media is pretty much the best invention ever…when I posted that I was headed to Europe I was contacted by Sara and Alice, Holland-based photographers who I can’t wait to meet.
  3. BERLIN, GERMANY — After Amsterdam we head to Berlin, Germany, for a some intense design inspiration. Berlin is home to a flourishing design and art scene and we both couldn’t be more happy to soak up the culture in Berlin — keep an eye out for an INSPIRED BY post, definitely.
  4. PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC — From Berlin we take the train to Prague, a city I don’t know too much about but have heard nothing but great things! Everyone who hears we’re headed there, gushes about how beautiful it is, and how much we’ll love it. They say its almost becoming the second Paris of Europe…can’t wait to see it!
  5. INTERLAKEN & ZERMATT, SWITZERLAND — The last stop on our trip is Interlaken and Zermatt, Switzerland and although we’ll be taking an overnight bus from Prague to get there, its going to be worth it. Every single picture I’ve seen of Interlaken looks like its fake and Zermott is home to the Matterhorn so you can’t go wrong. Random fact: when I was in 4th grade, I chose Switzerland as my country report because my mom would always tell me about Switzerland and how special it is to her. When my mom was in her teens, she attended a boarding school there. How cool is that? My grandparents sent her to live in Europe and leave Iran at such a young age. I love that she has traveled so much and has seen so much of the world, guess the travel bug was passed down to me!

To say I’ll be documenting this trip as much as I can is an understatement. I feel as if I’m on a photo assignment, determined to soak up as much life and inspiration as I possibly can. Arash and I both have our gear ready…Europe, we’re coming for you!

Europe Countdown Is On!

This year is the year of travel for us…we’re headed to Europe twice this year; once in April and once in August to shoot a wedding…we feel SO SO blessed to be able to travel and do what we love! Its unreal. We’re both big on travel so this is a real blessing. In just ten days Arash and I are embarking on a 3 week European adventure and we couldn’t be more excited! Before our wedding season takes off into high gear, we’re taking a inspiration vacation to see the sights and explore some of the most gorgeous landscapes in Liverpool, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and Switzerland. We’ve been neck-deep in Europe research as we plan out our itinerary — who knew how intensive a trip like this can be? I’m definitely looking forward to spending Easter with my bff in Liverpool then heading off to all our other stops. We’ve got our gear ready to go and you can believe we’ll be posting it up on instagram and documenting our every stop. If you know of any great restaurants, sites to see, shops to visit or galleries to explore, leave comment and let us know… and the countdown is on!

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