Caitlin & Andrew, ENGAGED


One of the greatest highlights of my wedding season this year was meeting Caitlin & Andrew. Effortless, cool and just downright the sweetest people you’ll meet. I was truly honored to not only photograph these two during such a special season of their lives but to find a kindred connection with them both. We explored the same trails that Caitlin grew up running with her dad. These grounds hold a such a special place in her heart as she embarks on a new journey with Andrew there is even more richness with every step.

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Sogol & Sam, Engaged

delbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_sogolandsam_losaltos_1My little sister is getting married. Its a surreal event in my world these days because I can’t help but picture us at 8 and 4, dancing around the house and singing in the mirror. She’s all grown up now and met the man who will soon be her husband. Its a joy to see her smile the way she does when she’s around Sam and spending the day shooting with them was an honor. They are two peas in a pod, as they say…and funnily enough, they’ve known each other for over a decade already. They’ve been friends since they were kids but it wasn’t until they got older that they realized there may be a *little* bit more to it than that! We’re all so happy for them and can’t wait to celebrate their wedding in the fall!
DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_01 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_02 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_03 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_04 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_05 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_06 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_07 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_08 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_09 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_engagement_10

Brittany & Chase, Engaged


As this season unfolds, I get more and more excited about all the fantastic couples I get to spend time with this year. I truly feel blessed! Brittany and Chase are getting married this spring season and these are only just a few of my favorite photos from this session…there were so many more! Can’t wait to photograph them in Carmel in just a couple months.

DelbarrMoradiPhotography_002 DelbarrMoradiPhotography_003DelbarrMoradiPhotography_005DelbarrMoradiPhotography_006delbarrmoradiphotography_engagement__0011

Jon & Genevieve // Bay Area Engagement Photography


Where do I even begin? Jon and Genevieve’s laughter is contagious and their love is the real deal. When I first chatted with them, they sent me their engagement video which made me smile from ear to ear. For anyone who loves love, you can’t help but smile while watching JP’s stealthy proposal. I knew that shooting with these two would be so much fun and it really was…I loved that we got to soak up the sweet California sunset — can’t wait for their wedding this weekend!


Hanna & Stephen // San Francisco Engagement Photography

hanna and stephen san francisco engagement

Hanna & Stephen call San Francisco home, and what better place then to photograph them in their very own neighborhood. Sometimes I imagine what it would be like to live in the heart of SF, with all its unique architecture, stunning views and modern burrows. It was so much fun to explore the newly renovated Lafayette Park and get to climb up to the roof of their new home. These two are such city dwellers, in love and looking forward to the journey they are starting as a pair.