In The Light // Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide

This month’s In The Light  post features no stranger to the blogging world: Taylor Sterling of Glitter Guide.  I’ve had such a great time getting to know Taylor and hearing her story and inspiration behind her infamous Glitter Guide blog that I thought she’d be perfect to highlight in this month’s In The Light feature. Hope you enjoy the wisdom she has to share!


1. What inspired you to start Glitter Guide?
I wanted to have a space where I could share things that I felt women would be inspired by. I also felt that there was a gap in the market for a daily website and newsletter with a feminine/girlie angel.

2. What does a typical day in the life of Taylor Sterling look like?
It’s all over the place. No day is alike. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer answering emails and updating social media. I spend time talking to my sales team, editorial director, graphic designers, and interns. The best days are the ones when I get to go out and help on a photo shoot. I love seeing ideas come to life.

3. What advice do you have for other girls that dream of doing what you’re doing someday?

I have 5 pieces of advice:

1. Start with a personal blog before you launch a large scale website. I had been blogging for over 2 years when I started to plan for Glitter Guide. I knew a lot about the industry, had practiced social media, attended conferences, etc. All of this helped prep me for doing something bigger. I still struggle with things I don’t know about or how to do, but I know I am more prepared than I would be fresh and new. 

2. Network. This one is huge. Make sure to connect with as many people as you can. You never know who or how they may influence you and/or your business down the road. Glitter Guide would be nothing without the help from people I networked with. 

3. Take a business class. I studied communication in college, and I’ve always been more of a creative type. I wish I had taken a few more business classes in college. I’m learning a lot on my own, but feel that I would have benefited from some coursework. I also think networking with people who have small business is important. You can ask them how they do things and learn a ton from them. 

4. Learn to accept criticism. If you want to launch a large scale website and you want it to be popular you have to learn to accept criticism. Any time you put yourself out there people are going to try to find a way to pull you apart. Just take it as part of the business and don’t let it get to you. 

5. Always search for inspiration. I’m always on the hunt for things I think are awesome. That’s my job. I read books, magazines, blogs, watch movies, tv, Youtube, go to galleries, etc. I think you need to be a sponge and soak everything in. You never know what will inspire you. 

A big thank you to Taylor for being, In The Light! 

You can see and read even more from our entertaining shoot on Camille Styles.

In the Light // Enjoy Events Co

 This month’s In The Light  post features my favorite design duo, Megan and Emily from Enjoy Events Co. So much talent and creativity between the two of them as they execute some of the most eye candy-filled weddings and events. I hope you’re inspired because I know I am. I absolutely love collaborating and shooting their work — and they are ridiculously fun to hang out with too! They recently launched a full on floral design studio as well, called  Shotgun Floral Studio — you can see some of their floral goodness featured in our shoot. You’ll be able to see even more from our shoot in an upcoming feature on Glitter Guide — can’t wait to share!

1. THE COLOR BLUE: don’t know how to explain it but the color blue makes my heart sing in every way.  every shade of blue. if you look closely you can see it in all natural elements: sky, earth, ocean.  see, I already have goosebumps.
2. A QUIET MOMENT: with all of the hustle and bustle of life and work nothing beats a good quiet moment, even in the middle of the city on a crazy day.  it’s important to find the time.
3. THE COAST: i grew up on the coast in santa cruz and have spent much of my life living in coastal towns up until now. there is something so wonderful about being able to get to the water and relax by the sea.  i really miss it sometimes.  two words.  BIG SUR.
4. FOOD: i know everyone says that but it’s true.  anything and everything about food, local food, dining, wine; the whole experience, really.  you can ask my mom.
5. GOOD DESIGN: i love surrounding myself with interesting, unique, thought provoking materials, decor + art.  the culture of design is fascinating.  i just wish i had more time focus on it and perfect it in my own home, sometimes.  with time.

1. A HOT DAY: when the sun is shinning bight there is nothing better.  i am motivated, energized and function better when the heat is on. walking around barefoot on a summer day is what i am all about.
2. A GOOD ROAD TRIP: traveling is something the mister and i try to make a priority.  exploring a new area, seeing a new cultural and experiencing new things is so inspiring.  whether it’s just a good old road trip or taking a flight somewhere far, traveling is a must.
3. A GOOD JAM: whether it’s seeing a show live or turning up the radio, a good song makes me happy.
4. A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP: i could honestly sleep for 10 hrs a night and still want more sleep.  an early riser i am not.  the best part of the night is when i can hear our dog snoring down the hall while i am still trying to hit the hay.  sleep is good and i always want more of it.
5. A GOOD GATHERING: nothing beats hanging with good friends.  spending time with family and friends is a great way for me to escape, sit back and enjoy.  our group of friends hosts monthly dinners where we all cook a good meal, drink wine and catch up.


A big thank you to Megan and Emily for being, In The Light! 

In The Light // Mister & Mississippi

Over the past few weeks I’ve been posting highlights from our spring Europe trip, Liverpool, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague and next week I get to share highlights from Switzerland! So in honor of our European adventures, I thought it would be fitting to feature a band based out of Holland for this month’s In The Light feature. I met Samgar in Amsterdam and he introduced us to his band, Mister & Mississippi, a very inspiring sound to say the least. All four of them live in a house together in Utrecht, eat, sleep and live their music. They were recently signed to V2 records and hope to travel all over the world and spread their dynamic, ambient sound. Their inspiration? Fleet Foxes, Sigur Ros and Bon Iver. Check them out!

Thanks to Alice Mahran Photography for providing the gorgeous photos straight from Holland.
And, of course, Thank you Mister & Mississippi for being IN THE LIGHT!

In The Light // Daniel Ilabaca

Do you remember when I posted this video that completely left me inspired? The Target color ad, was hands down one of my favorite commercials — the compositions, colors, the life, the Parkour. Amazing. WELL…while Arash and I were in Liverpool last month, we met Daniel the choreographer of that very same commercial and it was only fitting that he be the next feature in my new IN THE LIGHT series. Daniel is one of the founders of World Freerunning Parkour Federation, the official meeting place for the worldwide Parkour movement. Hope his story inspires you! *all photos taken with an iPhone*

How would you explain what it is you do?

Its easy to explain to someone what I do from the a physical perspective, I move through the urban landscape jumping and leaping from point A to point B connecting movement in the most efficient way possible.

Where do you hope to go with Parkour? 

Well I feel I already live what I dream and soon I plan to use the power of film making to create stories that liberate people. Doing things that make people question the reasons for such movements. I believe that people are afraid of the things they don’t understand…but the truth is that in our innocence of not understanding that is where beauty lies. Accepting we don’t have control and being happy with each day, for me is beautiful.

How did you get started doing it – what inspired you?

I have always been inspired by movement from a very early age, I have two older brothers and I always enjoyed adventures with them as I grew up. I was soon in secondary school and found it frustrating sitting in a class room writing down information that I was told was important to know. None of that really interested me, and I always had my eyes towards the window thinking about being outdoors. It was during one weekend off school, I was out playing and saw a man do a flip off a wall. I was amazed and immediately ran over to him, he gave me his contact card and welcomed me to join him in practice of an art form known as Capoeira, which is a brazilian martial art. One thing lead to the next and it was back to what I had always been doing as a boy, back to climbing trees and using the surrounding landscape to express my emotions. That was the beginning for me.

To follow up with Daniel and watch some of his work…check out: web // youtube // Facebook


Thanks Daniel for being  IN THE LIGHT!

In the light // Alice Mahran Photography

Last month, I started a new column called IN THE LIGHT, and since then, I’ve had SUCH a great response to it which makes me even more excited to feature artists who inspire me and in turn, inspire YOU. While Arash and I were traveling, we had the pleasure of meeting a few artists from England and Amsterdam who I knew I just had to feature IN THE LIGHT.

Meet: Alice. Holland based wedding photographer who definitely has an artistic voice and a style all her own. Check her out on Facebook or follow her here.

Growing up, I wasn’t so great at school and I really believed that I couldn’t do anything good, that everything I did would break up in the end and mean nothing anymore then I met photography. Its my heart. And its God’s way of showing me that I CAN even if sometimes I don’t get it. I know I don’t have the tools of being a “technical in the box  photographer” no school. Yet beauty & love is what I have to offer and when my clients become my friends, then I know their is nothing I would rather do.

1. LOVE: Without Love I am nothing..I know capturing the beauty and love around me is enough to satisfy.

2. BEAUTY:  I’m always inspired by beauty & love. I try my best to see beauty in everything but mostly in myself for I believe only then I can see the beauty in others.

3. GOD: I’m so thankful that God gives me what I need to capture the moment and make my couples see themselves more beautiful than they had ever seen before.

4. SMILING: oh I love it!!!

5. AVOCADOS: I love avocados and lots of lemons and salt…I’m a sour girl! Ha!


 Thanks Alice for being  IN THE LIGHT!

IN THE LIGHT // Joanne Encarnacion

I’ve decided to start a new column called IN THE LIGHT.
I hope it will be a unique way to introduce different artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs and/or inspiring people who will share a glimpse into what makes them come alive. One thing I’m super passionate about is telling stories with my photography and my hope is that this will give me the chance to document people who will in turn, inspire you. The column will feature a different profile each month, where each person(s) will include a list of five “things I heart”. First up: Joanne Encarnacion of Encarnacion Photography.She’s a wife, a mom of two, a fashion lover, a hair guru and she makes up one half of the contagiously charming duo, JOANNATHAN. After years of juggling working in the hair biz and running a photography studio, she took a leap of faith by saying goodbye to hair and hello to photography full time (enter applause here!) when she recently joined the incredible VSCO team! Be sure to check out her and Jonathan’s work and read more about her journey

1. MY FAMILY. My husband and daughters are huge inspirations to me. Seeing their laughter, smiles, and their daily growth into amazing individuals are just some of the characteristics that I definitely aspire to be. My husband has such a loving spirit. He’s kind, giving, and caring, something I always try to strive for. When times are tough and situations in life are bringing me down, I think WWJD, “what would Jonathan do”? It’s silly but I do it. My daughters are just. Inspirational to me. That sense of courage that kids have because they do not have anything to stress over is something I learn from them day to day. The curiosity to aspire to be something, to constantly say “I wanna be this or that when I grow up” is so amazing! Their minds are like sponges and their dreams seem to be so endless. Watching them daily is so inspiring.

2. FOOD!!! I swear I work out to eat more. For reals. I love food. I love the creation of amazing dishes. Chefs probably have one of the most awesome jobs in the world, they are not only able to create and experiment in the kitchen, but they feed the soul. I’m always so enamoured by the abilities they have to be able to pair certain flavors together. The most amazing part of it all is it comes from the earth and I get to eat it!

3. FASHION. I love shoes, handbags, and of course clothing. I love shopping! Dressing up is so much fun. I blame it on Sex and The City. Inside, I’ve got a whole lot of Carrie Bradshaw, a pinch of Samantha Jones, a dash of Miranda Hobbs, and a splash of Charlotte York. I often make the excuse of “I am buying this piece for a shoot” and the reality is I’m hoping to use it for a shoot, but if not, its going into my closet.

4. TRAVEL. Although this isn’t something I do often, I do love it. Last year I was blessed enough to shoot two weddings in Hawaii and it was my first time going. Now Hawaii has a special place in my heart. The people, the lifestyle, and the beautiful surroundings allowed me to be free. The funny thing is I was so not a beach person before going and I left there becoming the biggest islander living on the mainland. The people in Maui understood the important things in life: family, home, food, love, and the beach.

5. WALT DISNEY & DISNEYLAND. The man was awesome! He built Disneyland as a place for his daughters to come and play. Disneyland never ceases to amaze me. It’s constantly growing, evolving, changing, and moving forward. It’s a place for you to imagine the unimaginable and be reminded of childhood memories. Disneyland holds probably one of the best quotes in life, “All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney was a dreamer and I hope that I can learn to always dream just a he did.

THANKS Joanne for being the first, IN THE LIGHT

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