eye candy // 32

Even amidst all the travel and crazy schedules I make it a prioritiy to soak in some inspiration. You’ll run dry if you don’t constantly go after what makes you happy. The little details, the textures of fabric, the colors in a graphic print, a cute pair of shoes, magazine cut outs, a jcrew catalog…the list is endless. I am so thankful for all the creative talent out there, its so nice to see and constantly challenge and inspire each other. One day, hopefully soon, I’ll have a wall like this to call my own. (photo from my pinterest board)


Bonjour from France! Arash and I are traveling through France right now and what better eye candy than to grab a few instagram worthy shots from the good ol’ iPhone. We arrived on Thursday to shoot a wedding here and can I just say, wow?! I had been to Paris before but experiencing France in a whole new way this time around. I am in love. The food, the culture, the summer nights — unreal, I tell you. We spent the first few days in Lyon for the wedding which was in one of the most gorgeous locations I have ever seen. And now that work is complete, its time to take a little break to celebrate our 4 year anniversary which is actually this Wednesday! can’t believe its been 4 years — so thankful and blessed beyond belief to travel with Arash and get to photograph and celebrate with couples all over the map. Dream come true. Be back to Cali soon! xoxo You can follow both our france feeds on instagram #delbarashineurope


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