Chalk Hill Wedding with Garden Details

If you have met Danielle and Caleb then you love them dearly. The moment I met them, there was an instant spark, a kindred spirit thing that set the tone for what their wedding was going to be all about. The love that pours out of these two really is contagious, unique, magnetic. Chalk Hill winery in Healdsburg served as the perfect backdrop for these two love birds’ wedding day. Danielle donned a strapless lace dress from Sarah Seven and carried a loose garden bouquet with trailing jasmine vine and cafe au lait dahlias. It was stunning! Caleb was decked in a formal black tux for this black tie event. The Ceremony was held on the lawn ringed with beautiful oak trees and a swagged arbor with eucalyptus garlands marked the spot.  After the ceremony, guests enjoyed tasty bites from Stark Catering paired with estate wines during cocktail hour. For dinner, a Zepyhr Tent featured long farm house tables decorated with lush, blush, floral arrangements featuring annabelle hydrangea, garden roses, and dahlias by wedding planner and floral designer Jenna Lam Events. After dinner, the couple kicked off the dancing with an elaborate first dance featuring a mash up of the couple’s favorite songs ranging from Stevie Wonder to Queen. Special thanks to Utterly Engaged for featuring this wedding!

02-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi016 03-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 03-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi043 04-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 04-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi061 05-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi035 06-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 06-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi034chalk-hill-real-wedding 08-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi012 08-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi039chalk-hill-real-wedding1 09-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi071 10-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi013 11-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 12-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi045 13-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi004 14-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi062 15-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi048 15-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi079 16-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi074 17-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 18-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 18-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi060 19-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 20-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi007 21-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 22-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 22-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi026 23-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 24-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi025 25-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 26-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi032 27-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 28-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi054 29-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 30-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi008 30-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi067 31-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001 32-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi079 33-healdsburg-wedding-photographer-delbarr-moradi001

Location: Chalk Hill | Photographer: Delbarr Moradi | Wedding Planner & Floral Designer: Jenna Lam Events | Rentals: Hartmann Studios & Zephyr Tents | Catering: Stark Catering | Cake: Costeaux French Bakery | Lighting: Illusions | Videography: T & C Photographie | Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven | Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka | Groom’s tux: Hugo Boss | Ceremony music: Easy Leaves Duo | DJ: Chris Clouse | Paper goods: Danielle McWaters Design | Linens: La Tavola | Hair & Makeup: Wallett Luburich | Officiant: Dennis Durham | Transportation: Pure Luxury


delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0005

It is always a joy to see my work in the pages of a print magazine, especially one as beautifully curated as Utterly Engaged. I felt so honored and lucky to document such a memorable day for Danielle and Caleb. Their wedding (more to come soon!) was a dream to be a part of mainly because the love that poured out of this couple was truly infectious. To this day, its one my all time favorite weddings. If you haven’t picked up a copy of Utterly Engaged, you’re missing out. The pages in this magazine are truly a work of art, especially if you’re a print obsessed collector like me.

delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0006 delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0007 delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0008 delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0009

Caitlin & Andrew, ENGAGED


One of the greatest highlights of my wedding season this year was meeting Caitlin & Andrew. Effortless, cool and just downright the sweetest people you’ll meet. I was truly honored to not only photograph these two during such a special season of their lives but to find a kindred connection with them both. We explored the same trails that Caitlin grew up running with her dad. These grounds hold a such a special place in her heart as she embarks on a new journey with Andrew there is even more richness with every step.

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Featured: LONNY Mag, Second Living Room



I got the chance to photograph this drop dead gorgeous outdoor feature for Lonny, collaborating with the talented Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street. I loved watching her do her design magic as she created this outdoor space making me look forward to the day I can decorate my very own backyard. Head on over to Lonny to read her tips and inspiration behind it all.

01_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0001 02_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0006 03_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0007 04_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0005 05_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0012 06_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0003 07_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0010 08_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0002 delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_001509_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0008 10_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0004 11_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0009 12_delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0011delbarr-moradi-photography-lonny-magazine-outdoor-space_0014

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A favorite gift to give: Artifact Uprising!


Its no secret that I love photographs but one thing that gives me a dose of #momguilt is not printing my photos as much as I need to. These days, I’m constantly shooting photos of the girls and their budding relationship or our weekend adventures and as a result I feel the desperate need to see these photos on our walls or in albums before I forget all about them. We can all agree, kids grow too fast and I get really sad when I see that an app on my phone is reminding me about what life was like a year ago (*cough* Timehop *cough). I want to see more of those moments on my walls, not just on my phone! SO…I’m making a decision to frame more photos, print more personal albums and pull the trigger on ordering prints (even if I don’t have the perfect plan for where each one will live). I don’t want to see my photos get lost on my camera roll anymore.


In honor of Father’s Day, I printed a photograph of Arash and the girls from our recent weekend trip to San Francisco. I absolutely love this photograph because its captures the three of them so authentically. (Look how Aria has her hand rested on Arash! I can’t even.) Makes my heart melt!


Im so thankful for Artifact Uprising who has made my #momguilt a little more bearable. I can order prints, albums, even a custom frame directly from the app on my phone or on my desktop. Its super easy to take advantage of all those photos we snap and make some beautiful printed art. For this photo of Arash and the girls, I chose Artifact Uprising’s 11×14 Gallery Frame in the Walnut finish. Im so happy with how it turned out because its the perfect addition to our home. The quality is exceptional and the printing is spot on!

For one week you can get 10% off your order, just in time for that Father’s Day inspired gift! Enter the code: BLGDMAU10 for 10% off site wide. Say no to that #momguilt and let’s start printing our sweetest memories!!


Intimate Backyard Wedding in Sonoma


Cody & Jerome met in kindergarten and after 3rd grade they lost touch only to be reunited 20 years later when Cody moved back to Cali from NY and Jerome had his bags packed to move to NY from Cali. Their story is like a movie! They tackled a long distance relationship for a while but distance could’t keep these two away from each other. When it came time to plan their wedding, they wanted something casual and intimate. Cody and Jerome decided to get married at Jerome’s parent’s home where they had spent a lot of time during their relationship. Stacy Mccain came on board and transformed the backyard into a beautiful, casual farm-to-table dinner party catered by Farmshop Marin and Hog Island Oysters. The food was out of this world and the prettiest eye candy I have ever seen, really. The gorgeous florals pulled it all together, designed by the ever so talented, Studio Mondine. Im so in love with every detail of this day, it was warm, sweet and just like Cody and Jerome, it was meant to be.

delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_02 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_03 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_04 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_05 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_06 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_08 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_10 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_11 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_12 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_14 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_15 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_16 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_17 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_18 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_19 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_20 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_21 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_23 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_24 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_25 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_26 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_27 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_28 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_29 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_30 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_31 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_32 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_39delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_33 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_34 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_35 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_36 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_37 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_38 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_40 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_41 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_42 delbarr-moradi-photography-fine-art-wedding-photography-napa-valley-wedding_43


Wedding Planner: STACY MCCAIN EVENT PLANNING // Floral Designer: STUDIO MONDINE // Hair And Makeup: THE GLAMOURIST // Caterer: FARMSHOP MARIN // HOG ISLAND OYSTERS  // Reception Venue: Private Estate // Transportation: CALIFORNIA WINE TOURS

Elegant Spring Wedding at Mayacama Golf Club


This bride and groom had serious style. The bride wore a Rosa Clara wedding dress that felt vintage, and contemporary, at the same time, with it’s delicate bow details and classic satin fabric. The groom was just as stylish, wearing a Burberry tuxedo jacket mixed with Paul Smith slacks and a vintage bow tie. The bridesmaids wore bright coral and carried a single peony stem instead of a traditional bouquet.The bride brought in more color with her bright pink bouquet with pops of orange by Dragonfly Floral. For the ceremony, the little one’s carried signs announcing the bride and sweeping views of Santa Rosa’s rolling hills served as the backdrop.For dinner, vintage cafe chairs and bright florals kept with couple’s wedding style. A petite ombre pink cake by Patisserie Angelica finished off the chic celebration.

You can see more of this wedding on Martha Stewart right here.






































Photographer: Delbarr Moradi Photography // Location: Mayacama Golf Club // Wedding Coordinator: Covenant Coordinating // Florist: Dragonfly Floral // Paper goods: Dependable Letterpress // Wedding Dress: Rosa Clara // Bride & Groom Shoes: Ferragamo // Groom Tuxedo Jacket: Burberry // Groom’s Pants: Paul Smith //  Hair & Makeup: The Powder Room // Wedding Cake: Patisserie Angelica // Ceremony Music: Intermezzo // DJ: California Mobile DJ Entertainment