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It is always a joy to see my work in the pages of a print magazine, especially one as beautifully curated as Utterly Engaged. I felt so honored and lucky to document such a memorable day for Danielle and Caleb. Their wedding (more to come soon!) was a dream to be a part of mainly because the love that poured out of this couple was truly infectious. To this day, its one my all time favorite weddings. If you haven’t picked up a copy of Utterly Engaged, you’re missing out. The pages in this magazine are truly a work of art, especially if you’re a print obsessed collector like me.

delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0006 delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0007 delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0008 delbarr-moradi-photography-Utterly Engaged-magazine-lifestyle-photography-wedding_0009

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